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IBM Quantum Brand Visuals w/ FIELD.IO, 
Generative Design

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A cohesive visual brand language developed for IBM Quantum, spanning digital, product and events. A generative brand tool provides a stream of captivating assets that resonate with IBM’s Quantum identity, mirroring the adaptability and scalability of quantum computing.

Inspired by the three fundamental principles of quantum computing the brand becomes a visual playground for exploring the dynamic interplay of quantum states, these are translated into interactive metaphoric visual parameters.

Designed to explore the intricate relationship and interplay of quantum states, a generative tool sits at the heart of the brand visuals. Brand tools allow for the efficient and adaptable creation, of an infinite array of new and unique assets, seamlessly aligning with the brand identity and allowing for effortless scalability.

During my internship at FIELD in Berlin, I contributed to this project. Below, you can find a collection of my explorations.