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Simone Fattal, Lovers (1972)
by Marta Pienkosz

November 2023

love, a marvel of scarlet
spanning the canvas
like a meandering train
enveloping entities in a bustling aura
scattered shards of sunlight
the ever-shifting destination
enduring tension, parting or weaving
testing its capacity to bear the weight of somber moments
amidst the delicate glow of vulnerability

blood, a latent tension beneath it all
bestowing new life
the shapes of the embryo unfolding
the lovers’ selfishly indulgent bond
an unbroken flow of beginnings and endings
it is in these moments that love,
can run so deep it wounds
a damp patch, a rupture in the fabric of unity

mouth, a temple of sensuality
where the softest words are spoken
deepest affection gaining strength
transforming into sweet endearments
or the catalyst for animosity
it is in these moments that love,
morphs into the bitterest hatred
a tender machine inflicting the most profound hurt

heart, a tireless conductor
beating with unwavering dedication
its unceasing rhythm quickens with passion
the sweetest melody in its repertoire
or the notes of the most turbulent riptide
it is in these moments, that love,
can lead to a river of violence
a protective womb that both elevates and consumes