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A playful and exploratory side of my artistic journey. The Playground showcases experiments and small projects that didn’t make the cut. This section represents my creative process and experimentation with different techniques, media, and ideas. It showcases my creativity and imagination in a way that is raw and authentic, without the pressure of producing a polished final product. 


Exploring Reaction Diffusion and Audioreactivity to mimic the intricate, ever-changing patterns found in nature, such as the delicate traces of wind and water gradually etched onto rocks or softly sculpted into sand. 


Early experiments for event identity— searching for captivating letterforms, distortions, and imperfections within type with the use of Touchdesigner.

Synecdoche of Pose

The expressive scribbles depict ballet dancers' bodies as mediums for sensation and communication, intentionally contrasting with ballet's precision. Identity deprivation in ballet delves into the tension between individualism and conformity, prompting questions about self-expression versus choreographic creation.

Faces of Soho

This photographic collage captures the vibrant essence of the bustling streets of Soho in New York by compiling a diverse array of signage. These signs have been stripped of any distracting advertisements or ostentatious window dressings, leaving only their bare essentials to offer insightful glimpses into the brands they represent. The images have been processed through a typeface recognition software, resulting in a broad range of fonts, including well-known ones like Bodoni, ITC Franklin, FF Signa, and Impact, as well as lesser-known fonts like Brandon Grotesque or Brim, and even custom-designed fonts.

Louvre Abu Dhabi, University Take Over the Museum

In response to Louvre Abu Dhabi's challenge, this activationaddresses questions about humanity's automated future. Artificial intelligence, like exhibited artworks, represents accumulated knowledge—an ode to human creativity. Using an AI diffusion model and blending visitor’s drawings with Louvre masterpieces, we aim to make human-AI collaboration tangible.

Collaborative project with Omar ElGamal, Andres Ugartechea and Juan Rodriguez Zuluaga presented at the Louvre Abu Dhabi on February 10th and 22nd, 2024.

©Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi / Photo: Kristina Sergeeva - Seeing Things

Digital Ghost

Digital Ghost is an interactive webpage that utilizes socket connections and Three.js. As part of its design, the artwork integrates Buffer Geometry. I've implemented the PoseNet library, enabling users to dynamically alter graphic attributes like position and color based on their movements, detected from areas like the eyes, nose, or wrists.

When accessed across multiple computers, the webpage receives diverse position data, resulting in a deliberate glitch effect within the artwork's positioning. This glitch aims to foster a sense of shared experience, allowing users to perceive others viewing the same webpage simultaneously. 

RoboLove Island


"RoboLove Island" is a satirical performance piece that intertwines commentary on the concept of robot ethics with a parody of reality show entertainment. The play features crafted robots, each brought to life through the use of fabrication tools and controlled remotely via a Radio Controlled Transmitter. The components include Arduino Uno and Mega boards, H-bridge modules, Music Maker Shields, and NeoMatrix displays.