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Roman Opałka: The count to infinity

The 1960s was a decade of immense change and upheaval in society, politics, and culture. This same spirit of rebellion and transformation was mirrored in the art world, where artists began to question the established norms and ideas that had long dominated the art scene. One of the most significant developments during this time was the rise of conceptual art, which prioritized the importance of ideas and concepts over traditional artistic techniques and ...


Beyond the Surface: Wojciech Fangor's Spatial Experimentations in the Cultural Landscape of the 1960s

The art of the 60s was a veritable explosion of experimentation, a decade of rebellion and liberation, breaking free from the constraints of the past and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. From the bright and bold colors of Pop Art to the stark minimalism of Conceptual Art and spontaneity of Abstract Expressionism, the 60s saw a dizzying array of styles and movements that forged new paths in the world of visual expression. Viewers' perceptions of space and form...


Reframing reality: “Hidden Third”

"In the dynamic realm of contemporary art, a profound exploration unfolds—the delicate balance between presentation and representation. In today's era, characterized by the proliferation of social media, metaverse, and cutting-edge technologies that open doorways to alternate realities, the distinction between the tangible and the virtual, the real and the artificial, has grown increasingly blurred. This prompts one to ponder whether there exists an ultimate, universally correct perception...”


Expansive (virtual) realities

"We live in a sea of stories. And like the fish who, according to the proverb, will be the last to discover water, we have our own difficulties grasping what it is like to swim in stories" (Brunner, 1996, p.147). Immersed in a world saturated with narratives, we often fail to recognize the profound influence stories hold over our perception, gradually becoming the very essence of our existence. Within the realm of storytelling, new and emerging technologies are further blurring the ...


Simone Fattal, Lovers (1972)

love, a marvel of scarlet
spanning the canvas
like a meandering train
enveloping entities in a bustling aura ...


Contextualism through the eyes of Jean Nouvel
The Louvre Abu Dhabi

‘Rain of light’ - the mesmerizing impression of the Louvre Abu Dhabi - is how Luc Boegly and Sergio Garcia describe their capture of the museum in the Archdaily weblog. A massive steel dome with thousands of stars seems to protect a snow- white collection of small buildings, each of which hides precious works of art. One could find harmony and impeccability in this photograph if it were not for the irregular marks of light. Two Emirati women, pictured in the foreground...